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Greetings from the Model Garage,

As the saga of Prius catalytic converter thefts goes on, we have continued to investigate ways of protecting your vehicle. Thanks to a customer’s keen eye, we now have a new theft-deterrent system. It is a plate that covers the bottom area where the target converter is located.  It is made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum and attaches to existing mounting points on your Prius. It even improves the under-car aerodynamics and could possibly increase your fuel mileage. (no  guarantee on this though!)

Prius catalytic converter cover plate | The Model Garage

We currently have kits that will protect the 2004-2009 model cars as well as kits for the 2010 - 2015 vehicles. At this time, we have only seen converters taken from the 2004-2009 generation vehicles, but we have increasingly heard of the newer vehicles being targeted for theft. These kits will not fit the Prius C, the baby Prius.

Even if you park your car in your garage at night, there will be a day when you need to park it on the street or a large unprotected parking lot. Just like the one you will be in while doing your Christmas shopping. It only takes a few minutes for the converter to be taken. It will cost you and/or your insurance company almost $3,000.00 and a few days, up to a week of your time to remedy the situation. So don’t get caught without some sort of protective measures.

The cost to install this system is $317.00 for the 2004 – 2009 models and $341.00 for the 2010 – 2015 models. For those of you who have our older system and wish to upgrade to this more secure system, we will give you a $60.00 towards the cost of the new one. I’m sorry to say, we have seen our old system defeated and the converter was taken. Installation does not take very long but we do request about  4 hours and that you schedule an appointment.

Robert and the Model Garage Team.



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